PQEC 2019 + ISO 9001:2008

Accounting Companies Quality Programs

PQEC is an Accounting Companies Program developed by Sescon-SP and Aescon-SP committed to the ethics and quality of the services provided by its members. 

This Program is connected to the various changes in the sector and offers participating companies a continuous improvement process in order to integrate them into the market, as well as to value and further strengthen the segment.

Created in 2005 with the objective of encouraging accounting services companies to continuously improve their service processes, PQEC is today a reference in the entrepreneurial market and for those who do not give up excellence.

The Program grants ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, an international quality recognition that was made possible through a partnership signed between SESCON-SP and the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – ABNT.

With the motto “PQEC – As important as having is maintaining!”, SESCON-SP continues its mission of raising awareness among participants about the relevance of the permanent search for the improvement and quality of accounting services.