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Corporate Management

Corporate Management covers all the controls and processes of your company.

It verifies, according to the legal specification, the field in which the company operates and the tax regime, the best form of corporate organization. It helps to identify the most accurate solutions for emerging problems and meets the requirements of the Public Administration bodies.

  • monitoring of current legislation;
  • assistance and elaboration of work plan/business budget;
  • assistance, planning and advice on corporate constitutions, changes and closings;
  • obtaining Negative Debt Certificates from federal, state, municipal government offices, courts  and protest notary offices;
  • assistance and obtaining  an Operation Permit and renewal with the Municipality;
  • assistance and obtaining an Operation Permit and renewal of the Health Surveillance Service’s permit with the Municipality;
  • assistance and obtaining a Permit and Renewal of Operation permit from Anvisa;
  • assistance and obtaining Registration and Renewal of the Company Certificate in the Regional Councils;
  • request and renewal of Digital Certificates;
  • drawing of Minutes of Corporate Meetings of any nature.

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Accounting Management

Accounting Management is responsible for the classification and bookkeeping of all financial transactions of companies operating in the industry, commerce, services, non-financial institutions and support to individual microentrepreneurs and self-employed professionals.

  • monitoring of current legislation;
  • accounting records;
  • bank and accounting reconciliation;
  • calculation and control of monthly depreciation and amortization;
  • equity accounting;
  • calculation and control of partners' profits and dividends;
  • analysis, calculation, issuance and control of direct and indirect taxes;
  • control of federal tax credits;
  • federal social security and non-social security installments;
  • federal tax situation survey;
  • compliance with municipal, state and federal inspection;
  • closing of the accounting year;
  • balance sheet;
  • Statement of Income for the Year (DRE);
  • Statement of Accumulated Profit/Loss;
  • Statement of Changes in Stockholders' Equity;
  • cash flow statement;
  • explanatory notes to the financial statements;
  • support for internal and independent auditing;
  • issuance of financial report for decision making;
  • tax planning;
  • fulfillment, calculation and delivery of accessory obligations being:
    • municipal (GISS, NFTS, REISS, e-ISS);
    • federal (Defis, SPED Accounting / ECD, SPED-ECF, DIRF, DCTF and PER / DCOMP);
    • ancillary (IBGE,  DECORE, registrations for bank updates, proof of taxation and other evidence).

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Tax Management

Tax Management is responsible for the analysis, coding and tax bookkeeping of all companies’ operations according to the field in which they operate.

Through this service, entrepreneurs can implement management measures necessary to create an optimized corporate tax planning.

  • monitoring of current legislation;
  • tax planning;
  • handling of tax documents;
  • calculation of taxes (Simples Nacional, ICMS, ICMS-ST, ICMS-DIF. Tax rates, PIS, Cofins, IRPJ, CSLL, IR Fonte, IPI, ISS on services provided, etc.);
  • bookkeeping of tax books (entries, exits, IPI, ICMS, inventory and others);
  • state and municipal tax installments;
  • Fiscal Sped;
  • Sped Contributions;
  • GIA;
  • Sintegra;
  • GISS on services provided
  • REINF;
  • Issuing of billing statement.

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Human Resources

Human Resources Management is responsible for all aspects of payroll, from employees’ admission to termination. All the employees’ administration work is carried out by us.
In this way, companies that do not yet have a human resources department can be sure of fulfilling all obligations and those that already have such department can focus on optimizing their human capital.

  • monitoring of current legislation;
  • admission and termination of employees;
  • union fitting;
  • issuance and control of employees’ vacations;
  • monthly processing of employees' payroll;
  • annual processing of the employees' 13th salary payroll;
  • monthly processing of the pro-labore sheet;
  • monitoring of conventions, labor agreements and union agreements for the different labor categories;
  • assistance in homologations with unions and arbitration chambers;
  • calculation of all labor charges, such as: IRRF, INSS, FGTS, union, assistance and confederative contributions;
  • file of documents referring to the registration of each active employee in the company, as well as the documents resulting from the employees’ service time;
  • preparation and delivery of ancillary obligations, such as: RAIS, DIRF, Caged, Income report and eSocial;
  • guidance on labor law (CLT) and mandatory and optional benefits.

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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) includes services that facilitate the execution of part of the financial operations, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, etc., by the companies.

These services provide a reduction in the costs of legal entities with rights, labor charges and other benefits; the release of human capital for strategic action in the core activity of the business; it does not require physical space and equipment; in addition to generating high quality financial information.

Financial BPO:

    • Billing reports;
    • Accounts payable;
    • Accounts receivable (issuing reports, issuing of invoices, slips);
    • Bank reconciliation;
    • Management of tax documents;
    • Cash flow management;
    • Business budget;
  • Controllership.


Fiscal BPO: 

  • Invoices issuance; 



  • Assistance to employees to answer questions via phone, e-mail and in person
  • Assistance to employees for admission;
  • Approval of employees in the company itself;
  • Inclusion and exclusion in the health care plan;
  • Time card registrations;
  • Management control of trial period contracts;
  • Monthly management control of vacations;
  • Scheduling of admission, periodic and termination medical examinations;
  • Control of transportation voucher and meal voucher.

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